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So boyfrand and I went on our pizza-venture to Lombardi’s in NY on Friday. After a 20 minute wait, we were seated at a cutesy table in a long hallway-like dining room. On the way to our table we walked through the kitchen, which I thought was pretty cool because it was like a quick peek behind-the-scenes.

The waitress handed us the menu, but we had already decided on playing it safe and ordering their Margherita pizza. We placed our order and in no time the pizza was delivered to our table. It looked so good- nice bright red sauce, toasty cheese and a thin crust. I took a nice hot piece, cut into it with my fork and knife (normally I use my hands, but I thought this pizza called for manners) and ate it.

It tasted amazing, like a little piece of Italy in my mouth. The crust was the perfect type of thin, not like a cracker, but still thin enough to have a bit of crunch to it. The sauce was definitely my favorite part - it wasn’t acidic like some red sauces, it was perfectly seasoned and had a nice basil after-taste (and I love basil, I eat it right off the plant I have in my backyard). I tasted a piece of the cheese, sans dough and sauce, and it was nice fresh mozzarella.

Overall, I was extremely pleased with the pizza! Boyfrand and I think it could have used some more cheese; we’re not fans of overly cheesy things, but the mozzarella was so sparse we agreed that if we went back we’d get cheese as an extra topping.

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